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What are the benefits of the You Can do Sport Academy?

The programme will offer students more choice to further their education and allow them to remain on home ground. It will teach students to become confident, respectful and considered young leaders, who aim to set high standards within the school community creating an aspirational pathway for others. For those with a love for the ‘game’, it will provide an outlet in which to develop their understanding and skill through enjoyment and achievement.

Sport helps to develop people of good character who achieve excellence and make a positive contribution to their communities as it’s built on teamwork, self-control, discipline and respect. It helps to build confidence and to analyse and deduce general principles in life, which can in turn boost mental, physical and social agility. It teaches ambition and determination for success, responsibility, boundaries and rules and how decisions affect others. It instils integrity, humility and compassion. This also helps develop leadership and teamwork skills and build on the concepts of cooperation, tolerance, loyalty, honesty and sportsmanship.


  • Distinguished guest speakers and guest coaches

  • Scouting opportunities

  • Career direction and guidance on routes into a professional career in Sport

  • Individual Mentorship

  • Potential work experience placements within their chosen industry

  • Regular competitive league matches

  • Friendlies against other Academy teams and grassroots clubs

  • Special away days to professional clubs and sporting events

  • Exclusive reduced membership to local sports clubs


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