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YCDS Academy Director Spotlight - Mike Lowery, Magnus

"The YCDS academy has been a hugely beneficial method of retaining and attracting post 16 students to grow Magnus CofE sixth form.

The staff ensure that all routes into employment or higher education are open and explored.

Scholars that may have had a negative experience of education previously will find the qualification enriching and life changing - developing soft skills desired by employers that unlocks success in the real world.

Working with the team at YCDS has been a pleasure. Their combined skill, experience and knowledge is second to none. They are professional, reliable and add huge value to our students Post16 experience.

Whilst Sport is at the core of their provision, they deliver so much more. From mentorship to mental health and well-being support, through to career guidance and motivational talks from some of the countries most inspiring and successful sportsmen and women. We are delighted to be working with them and long may it continue!"

Mike Lowrey

Director of Sports Academy

Magnus CofE Academy


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