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YCDS Student Spotlight - Josh Pyke - Football, Class of 2022

Over the last 2 years I feel like I have really come on a lot as a person and as an athlete, I have shown how I can adapt to any situation and overcome any problems I face in life. Before joining YCDS I found this much harder.

I think that the last year was very good despite all the disruption caused by covid. We were still able to experience some amazing things, including a trip to St Georges Park, and played lots of really good friendlies, against Forest and other local teams, during this bad period. I think the past year also brought everyone closer together and we have become a stronger team and coordinate a lot better. If someone has a problem with something, we have been able to solve it a lot quicker and get on with stuff as normal.

I also think that YCDS has taught me a lot about how to respect others and to appreciate the opportunities that are given to me. This is because we have been taught to not take things for granted and to earn them and show why we deserve them.

As an individual I have seen myself improve as a player and overcome my mistakes easier and not just give because I feel I have messed up. It’s taught me determination to succeed as an individual and as a team member. This is good because it means the teams mood stays positive stay and we play better in the game.

Overall, I believe my time at YCDS has been very positive and I would describe my experience as exciting. I’ve have had a great time and it’s really benefited me in many ways.

Josh Pyke, YCDS Football Academy student, Class of 2022


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