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YCDS Student Spotlight - Klaudia - Netball, Class of 2022

Throughout my 2 years at the You Can Do Sport Academy I have been introduced to many new things and experiences. Despite covid the academy and teachers have done their best to make it an unforgettable experience. All the students there have also helped shape these past 2 years into a memory for life.

I have had many opportunities that have not only helped me get better and more confident as well as understand more but also have helped to build up my cv and a lot of personal skills. The academy has prepared me for what I can expect in certain situations in the world beyond school and prepared me for work.

The teachers are all very supportive and will help with any issues when it comes to coursework as well as any personal issues you may have. The overall experience is great with everyone being aware and respectful of one another, which makes it a more inclusive environment, especially as a lot of us have similar interests.

The academy is in fact well managed and will also encourage you to take up any opportunity you get in life because you never know where it can take you, as well as to keep going no matter what.

On the athletic side of things your team sort of becomes like a second family. Training is also very well thought out and at times demanding which is a good thing because why train with no results! The coaches are great and know exactly what you’re doing right and wrong, as well as extremely welcoming and supportive. It’s given me a fantastic start in life and memories I will remember always.

Klaudia, YCDS Netball Academy student, Class of 2022


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