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YCDS Student Spotlight - Savannah Smith - Football, Class of 2023

So far, my experience of YCDS has been great with unlimited help with course work from the teachers (who generally do want us to achieve the best grade possible) and one-to-one support from our Gary Charles when training. He speaks to me individually to help me correct my technique and in the short time I have been at the academy, my fitness has already improved a lot.

Although there are more boys than girls in the football academy, Gary makes everyone in training feel included and equal. Personally, YCDS has given me the courage to take girls football further. In October they introduced me to Newark Town Ladies FC; and I will now be signing with the squad next season which I wouldn't have had the confidence to do if I hadn't of joined the academy.

I believe that YCDS gives you an opportunity like nothing I could have imagined so close to where I live, they have so many incredible connections and opportunities you can access if you put the work in and it should definitely not be taken advantage of.

Savannah Smith - Football, Class of 2023


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